A volunteer board governs TSM and is composed of several directors representing the following member organizations:

  • Tire and Rubber Association of Canada
  • Retail Council of Canada
  • Western Canada Tire Dealers

Collectively, these organizations represent the international tire manufacturers, major suppliers, and tire retailers in Manitoba.

A multi-stakeholder advisory committee also contributes to good governance of TSM program operations. The committee is composed of representatives of processors, municipalities, consumers, industry and the provincial government.

TSM Board of Directors

Glenn Maidment
Tire and Rubber Association of Canada

William Bench
Tire and Rubber Association of Canada

Joe Casciano
Retail Council of Canada

Kendale Penner
Western Canada Tire Dealers Association

Ken Essex
Western Canada Tire Dealers Association

Geoff Sine

Past Board Members

Moe Tresoor Western Canada Tire Dealers
Dave Seifert Western Canada Tire Dealers
David Lamb Tire and Rubber Association of Canada


Brett Eckstein
Executive Director

Michael Solkoski
Operations and Financial Administration Manager

Jayme Galloway
Stewardship Programs & Communications Manager

Advisory Committee

Member Organizations

Manitoba Motor Dealers Association

Association of Manitoba Municipalities

Keystone Agricultural Producers

Manitoba Trucking Association

Canada West Equipment Dealers Association

Reliable Tire Recycling

Manitoba Environment, Climate and Parks

Green Action Centre

Call for Tire Pickup

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